Thirsty Skin? We Say Drink More Water

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Water: The Best Natural Product In Beijing

I have been very fortunate when it comes to skin for most of my 4 years in Beijing. Though I have dealt with pollution, dry air, and cold winters, I’ve never had major skin problems. The exception has been when I don’t follow my number 1 skin care rule: Drink Enough Water. That’s right, I’d choose access to a stable supply of clean drinking water over all the natural care products in Beijing if had to make a choice! Want to know why? Here are the most important reasons:

The Body’s Oil

Just as oil keeps a car running smoothly, water is a key part of many of our body’s daily operations. It helps with vitamin absorption, digestion, supports detox via the kidneys, and helps keep your blood in good condition. Also just like oil, the water in your body needs to be replaced!


That’s the percentage of the human body that is made of water, depending on which source you consult. So imagine how much your body suffers if you don’t drink enough! It is no wonder we get dry skin when we don’t drink enough water: our bodies prioritize other parts (muscles, brain, and other organs) above our skin.

Anti-Aging Serum

Water is one of the best treatments for wrinkles. It helps increase the volume of skin cells, making them look stronger and healthier. It also helps fight several skin conditions which can contribute to premature aging if not dealt with. Now for those of you less interested in the details of the benefits, here’s a simple fact to help explain how transformative water has been in my personal life: When I first came to Beijing, I became very undisciplined about drinking water. I was often in a bad mood, I developed acne, I was often very tired, I gained weight, and my skin WAS dry. Then, I started a serious water-drinking routine: 3 liters of water a day, everyday, no exceptions. The results were incredible. My acne cleared, I lost 8 pounds, I was in a great mood most days and full of energy (despite working more), and my skin became soft and nice. And no, I didn’t change anything else: I just stuck to my water routine. So, are you drinking enough water? If not, we hope you start tomorrow. It will change your life.

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