Youth In A Bottle (8 shots) By Shot One


Introducing China’s premier beauty drink, Youth in A Bottle By Shot One. Made from only naturally-derived ingredients, including nature’s most powerful antioxidant, asxathantin, Youth in A Bottle is a one-shot anti aging solution that shows results in 3-6 months with daily intake.

Directions for use:

Drink 1 shot per day, with or without food.


Water, Erythritol, Blueberry Juice, Blackcurrent Juice, L-Arabinitol, Red Grape Powder, Conifer Cherry Powder, Rice Bran Oil Powder, Blood Orange Powder, Inulin Haematococus Pluviais, Acai Powder, Yeast Extract, Ocean Fish Collagen Peptide, Vitamin C, Green Tea Powder, Mangosteen Powder, Grape Skin Powder, Olive Powder, Xanthan Gum, Apple Powder, Flavoring Essence