Presenting Page: Founder of Amaks Organix

How She Started Creating Natural Care Products In Beijing

Page always knew she was going to do something great. As a child, she often let her imagination wonder, envisioning an amazing future. Making natural products in Beijing was not in her childhood imagination! Today, however, you would assume it was, given her tremendous passion.

Page believes instead that it was the divine hand of God that led her down the path to creating natural products. However, like many trying to decipher god’s intentions, she did not start her journey in the right direction.

Page began her journey after gaining her bachelor’s degree in her home country of Ghana. While working as a marketing officer, she felt called to serve as a Gynocologist. She felt a need to help women who were suffering from troubled health. In order to pursue a degree in an exciting new environment, she moved to China to study medicine. However, God had other plans.

Troubled Skin and A New Path

Unfortunately for Page, her medical studies came to an abrupt end. Unable to afford further study, she was forced to drop out and reevaluate her life plan. Perhaps God did not want her to become a Gynocologist: why else would he have made it so difficult for her to pursue a career? As she considered her options, a thought began to arise: Perhaps she should use her scientific skills to create something healing, instead of healing someone with a doctor’s tools. After all, Page had been engaged in the process of healing herself for almost as long as she had been in China.

Her skin had suffered greatly while trying to use Chinese skin care products. It had damaged her skin tone and given her stretch marks. After trying all manner of Chinese skin care products to heal her skin, Page finally decided to make her own. She began learning the process, using natural oils and butters, and immediately saw a positive effect.

Up to her departure from medical school, Page has only been using natural products on herself. But when a friend pointed out her god-given talent for creating natural care products, saw it clearly. Her path forward was rooted in the struggles of her past. She had healed her own skin, and she could heal others.

The final decision Page had to make was around how to make products. Her previous creations were all natural, but using chemical ingredients could potentially have benefits. However, after thorough consideration, she decided the only good way for herself, her clients, and the earth was the natural way. She took a giant step forward with the conviction that god had blessed her and her path, and Amaks Organix was born.

Amaks Today

Today, Amaks Organix is a thriving brand making natural care products in Beijing. Page is constantly considering what products to make next, while working hard to preserve her natural ethos. As a partner of OnPoint, Page offers tremendous value to the community, offering over 10 products! Page’s goal is to provide products that allow people to feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful with their natural appearance. She believes each person was created with a beauty ideal only God knows, and it is in nature only that we can find the ingredients to bring out this beauty. This is particularly important to her: all Amaks products use only the finest natural plant and animal extracts, and that will never change. Page has a ferocious commitment to quality, and she wants her customers to know it.

Page’s vision of the future is not unlike OnPoint’s: she wants Amaks products to reach people around the globe, bringing a higher quality of life to everyone that uses them. The OnPoint team loves Page’s products, and encourages you to try them by making a purchase at Let these amazing natural products have the same healing and nourishing effect on you that they did on Page. You will be glad you did.

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