Everyday Health Monsters are Wrecking Your Health

everyday health monsters

Why Dracula is Less Scary Than An Everyday Health Monster

What makes an everyday monster?

Is it how close they are to death?

a fictional everyday monster
This dragon looks to be pretty alive…

Or perhaps it’s their horrifying, violent actions which make us call them monsters?

everyday monsters in movies
The only violence they may be doing is to their livers


Well, after doing some digging, it seems that monsters share two common traits:

  • There is a disturbing difference between the way a monster appears and a regular creature similar to the monster.
  • A monster’s motivations and actions are at best difficult to relate to and at worst impossible to understand.

These traits make sense: things that are unknown or different tend to be scary. But what if the things we should be afraid of aren’t the brain-hungry zombie, the blood-thirsty vampire, or the soul-eating succubus? What if the real monsters are all around us, and we just didn’t know it?

That’s why today we are looking at 2 terrifying, everyday monsters. These monsters aren’t out for blood or brains: they want to slowly and irreversibly damage your health.  Read on, and find out the health monsters you should really be terrified of.

Everyday Health Monster Number 1: The “Fog”

Anyone who has lived in China for a while is familiar with the dense, heavy “fog” that sets in to most cities around the country. That’s right, we’re talking about air pollution. But while you may have grudgingly accepted pollution a long time ago, it’s time to reassess. After all, it has all the elements of a classic monster.

It is air, but somehow, it’s not quite right. Air isn’t supposed to be thick and gray, is it? Sure, there is fog, but somehow, air pollution feels different….

an everyday health monster smog
Did a city ever look so ominous?

It’s random. You never really know when it will come and when it won’t, making it very difficult to prepare for. You do know it probably won’t be around when an important national event is going on, so you know its weakness. Sadly, you have no control over national events, meaning you must be vigilant to protect yourself from it.

It can hurt you. Don’t be fooled by the idea that you can “get used to it”. Many people who thought they had adjusted only learned later that in fact, pollution had just taken its sweet time in making them sick.

pollution in lungs from everyday health monster smog
That’s how pollution looks in your lungs…

So, next time the AQI is above 100, it might be worth thinking about it less as a regular day, and more as a time to protect yourself from a monster.

Health Monster Number 2: Scented Candles

The collective “WTF” from you, dear readers, is almost audible, but take a step back and think about it. Do you know anything in nature that smells the way a scented candle does? Have you seen anything that has even remotely the same uniformity of color that a scented candle has?

The answer is no because SCENTED CANDLES ARE MONSTERS IN DISGUISE!!! Unlike the candles of old, which were often not uniform in texture, appearance, or shape, scented candles are truly unnatural. Everything from their color to their shape to their smell is artificial and otherworldly.

candles are a hidden monster
Just an innocent, beautiful candle, right? WRONG

And while you might be thinking “Okay, they are different from old-school candles, so what?”, take a minute to consider the following. In the past, people made candles with animal fat, and they smelled awful! Their only purpose was to give light. Why would anyone think to rebrand them as a pleasant, nice smelling house ornament?

The answer reveals the true evil of the modern candle: It was created to find a use for paraffin, a waste product created during oil production. When paraffin waste was discovered to be an effective and odorless alternative for candle making, the oil industry found a new way to profit. The sludge left over from oil? That’s your scented candle.

melted scented candle monster
This is what that scented candle really looks like!

In case you were wondering, burning oil waste is really bad for your health. Burning paraffin is like sitting next to a car’s exhaust pipe! Then there’s the scent. It is well established at this point that the synthetic scents found in most mainstream candles are full of mysterious, endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Finally, scented candles often have lead in their wick, meaning when you burn them, you are releasing lead into the environment. Lead exposure in any amount is unsafe. The same is true of scented candles.

evil eye scented candle
Do your health a favor and say goodbye to this evil product.

Goodby Health Monsters, Hello Healthy Living

And that’s it for today’s everyday health monsters. Whether its toxic sludge disguising itself as a pleasant candle or pollution taking over and distorting the air, health monsters are truly terrifying creatures, far more deadly than your typical Halloween monster. We hope you are inspired to take action against these everyday monsters, and we have good news! You can find great products to help you deal with these everyday health monsters on our platform.

ID Mask is the premium air filtration mask. We highly recommend their products, and the OnPoint team is using the masks themselves!

Beanmade Candles are a safe alternative to mass-market paraffin candles. They are made with 100% natural soy wax, safe cotton wicks, and natural fragrance from essential oils!

Stay tuned, we’ll be telling you about other everyday health monsters lurking around in your life soon!

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