At OnPoint we believe where our product come from and the process for making them is as important as how effective they are. We have a set of ethical standards for both the ingredients in our products and the labor conditions for production of these products.


Ingredients must be derived from nature or a naturally occurring chemical process.

Ingredients must either be derived from plants or, if derived from animals, must not come at the expense of the animal’s life.

Ingredients must be produced in a manner that does not compromise or put in harms way those whose primary job it is to harvest the ingredients.

Ingredients must be able to be shipped to the place of product manufacturing in sufficient bulk that they minimize environmental impact.

Labor Conditions:

Laborers that create the products must be fairly compensated, at or above the average salary for a worker creating a comparable product in the same economic environment.

Laborers must be treated fairly and in a law-abiding way.