Humans are animals too, and at OnPoint we don’t put ourselves above our furry, scaly, or feathered fellow earth-dwellers. For that reason we are against animal testing, and we actively avoid working with or supporting companies that have a track record of this behavior. Our partners agree with us, and we help them by finding test volunteers for their products and testing them ourselves!

In a world where animal cruelty, be it in agriculture or in the lab, is still prevalent and impacting billions of intelligent organisms, OnPoint seeks to differentiate itself from other major Asian skin and hair care marketplaces and brands by standing up against animal testing in all its sales and activities. Selling natural care products in China with this mindset is tough, but we believe that by standing strong and uniting with our partners and our community, we can help shift the dialogue around this topic and create a new approach to consuming care products that keeps animal testing out of the picture.