11.11: The Beginning of Your Chemical Free Life

11.11 Is The Time To Start Living Chemical-Free

11.11, or singles day, is both the symbolic start of winter and the biggest shopping day in the world. But did you know many of the products you buy, both necessities and luxuries, are full of chemicals and maybe even fake?

With the harsh China winter on the horizon, your skin and health can’t afford anymore challenges. They will already be facing extra dry air, increased pollution, and the strong, cold, winds of winter. Do you really want to set them up for exposure to chemicals that might cause cancer, damage to your organs, and have adverse effects on your organs?

We think not, which is why we are organizing a 11.11 sale unlike any other, where you can shop guilt free and start a new life using chemical-free, natural products. Read on to find out what is waiting for you at this amazing sale, and why it’s probably better than whatever you are currently using!

#1: Soap, The Yakma Way

First up is Yakma Yak Milk soap. Made from Yak Milk and other fantastic natural ingredients, Yakma’s soaps are vastly superior to big brand soaps. Yak milk, olive oil, and coconut milk make for fantastic moisturizing ingredients, helping combat the dryness of the winter and its strong winds. Each soap also has its own fantastic benefits, from fighting infection to exfoliating, all achieved with natural ingredients.

Finally, Yakma is more than a soap company. They employ rural Tibetan women to produce their soap, creating meaningful economic opportunity that minimally disrupts their traditional way of life.

Bottom Line: Yakma offers a socially responsible, natural and health set of soaps. and on 11.11 you can enjoy a 10% discount on all Yakma soaps!

#2 No-Nonsense, Affordable Skincare By Zest

Zest Skincare founder Swannie Virapin, creates all the basic products for a complete skin care routine: Face Wash, Toner, Oil for Moisturizing, and a mask. She also offers a range of body products, including body scrubs, lip balms, and deodorants.

What makes Zest products so great is that they are usually made from no more than 5 natural ingredients, and they really work! The OnPoint uses Zest because they are affordable and effective, and we hope you will check out some of their line too! They really beat alternative chemical-based products, which may ingredients that make your skin look good, but actually do little to truly care for it.

Bottom Line: Zest offers a complete and reliable set of natural skin care products, and on 11.11 you can enjoy a 10% discount on all Zest offerings.

#3 LUÜNA Putting the Care Back In
Period Care

We bet you don’t think about it much, but when you get your period, you are most likely exposing your body to some seriously nasty chemicals. This is because most big brands of pads and tampons add unnecessary chemicals to their pads for scent, preservation, and sensory experience.

Not LUÜNA. The ladies behind this incredible brand spent years researching the best way to create effective, organic and chemical free pads and tampons that they proudly manufacture in China. We are especially proud of this brand, and we believe you’ll love the feeling and notice a difference almost instantly.

Bottom Line: Chemical-free period care is safe and smarter, and on 11.11 you can enjoy discounts between 22-50% on LUÜNA period care products.

#4 Lalu Raw Beauty, Nature’s Luxury

When we think nature, luxury isn’t the word that jumps out. After all, it’s a bit rough out in the wild, right? Lalu Raw Beauty reminds us that nature is capable of so much more, including luxury masks and a face washe that will make your face feel pampered and loved.

We also love Lalu’s unflinching commitment to using China-based ingredients like bamboo charcoal to address the unique challenges of China, such as air and water pollution. Above any other products on our platform, Lalu’s are able to address specific issues your skin might face, and with a lux feel you didn’t imagine nature could offer.

Bottom Line: Nature is luxurious, nature is healing, nature is Lalu Raw Beauty, and on 11.11 you can get 20% off on Lalu products.

Where Them Discounts At?

At OnPoint, we are doing something different: Our 11.11 sale is off line.

That’s Not How 11.11 works, is it???

It is for OnPoint! We believe that discounts are great, but waste… Not so much. We also know that YOU want to see, touch, and smell your care products before committing to purchase.

That’s why our 11.11 sale is in our office, from 5-9 PM. And where is our office?

Add OnPoint’s contact card for details, and don’t spend another moment consuming toxic, chemical-based care products. Make 11.11 about more than shopping.

Make it about beginning a new, chemical-free chapter in your life to experience the best version of yourself!

Add me and let your chemical-free journey begin!

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